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About Us

Producing high end architectural millwork, 
casework and custom interiors for clients across 
the United States.

     CWWC is a manufacturer of high end architectural woodwork, casework and custom interiors located in Wausau, WI. The company (then known as Fletcher Woodworking) was founded by Scott Fletcher in 1989. Fletcher had apprenticed and studied with a German craftsman in Madison, WI for several years mastering the technical skills of the woodworking industry. He then took a position with a Minneapolis, MN based furniture/architectural millwork company where he developed his design, engineering and management skills. These skills, along with his faith in God, gave Fletcher a solid foundation to form Fletcher Woodworking. The focus of Fletcher woodworking was custom furniture and high-end millwork


The reputation and business grew with each new project.

     In 1991 Fletcher Woodworking became Central Wisconsin Woodworking Corporation (CWWC) and moved into the Wausau Business Incubator. At that time CWWC’s focus was designing and building high-end, custom made, office furniture, workstations, commercial casework, reception areas, bank teller lines, library furniture, architectural mill-work and more.


     Throughout the years CWWC continued to focus on the Architectural mill-work and casework markets. CWWC’s commitment to bringing craftsmanship and technology together to better serve their clients has made CWWC an effective partner in the construction industry.


     Currently, CWWC is located in a 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility and continues to produce high quality architectural mill-work, casework, commercial furnishings and more. CWWC’s highly skilled estimators, engineers, craftsmen and management staff are serving clients throughout the United States.


     CWWC has stayed strong in the marketplace based on a sound reputation and the willingness to pursue the architectural woodworking, casework and custom interiors markets throughout the United States.

CWWC would be proud to serve you. We look forward to meeting all of your architectural mill-work, casework and custom interior needs!

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